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How to Get Started Writing a Business Plan - Seminar

Overview:  This is a small two-hour interactive seminar (about 6 people) created and taught by SCORE Counselor Walt Lindquist, in which the instructor and participants talk about the value of a business plan and what goes into it.

StartB PlanYou will learn & discuss:
  • We’ll noodle why, with so much free information on “how to write a business plan,” writing a business plan is so difficult.
  •  A hint is that most folks have difficulty “imagining” what their business will be like a year or two in the future, and creating a “cash flow” sheet out of thin air seems almost irresponsible.
  •  Writing a business plan can be fun if you let your imagination run wild.  If you write a plan for “yourself” versus others, you are free to make the work exciting and fanciful.
  •  Once you have a draft that you like and have shared it with folks you trust for feedback, then you can tailor it for application – getting a lease, loan, partners, suppliers, etc.
  •  It’s amazing that most folks have not seen or read a business plan.  So, at the end of the session, we will hold one in our hands and go over it together.
  •  Together we will do what we can’t do separately.  By interacting during the class, you’ll learn from and teach each other.  You have the answers.  I have the questions.

A good friend used to say . . . “If it’s not worth doing wrong, it’s not worth doing.”Walt Lindquist

To register Online, by phone call (510)-273-6611 or by Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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