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Hank Weiner

Hank Weiner
 When And why did you become a SCORE Counselor?
I started a gradual retirement in the late 1990's and my wife got tired of having me around the house.  She spotted an advertisement in a local newspaper for a SCORE workshop on Importing and Exporting, and called it to my attention as something I might contribute to.  Since this was my life career, joining SCORE and counseling clients on international trade was a natural thing to do. It also solved my wife's problem getting me out of the house. Through both the counseling and workshops I can continue my interests as well as keep up with developments in this field.  As an added bonus, my 10 years of experience in building and managing a number of restaurants was put to good use in counseling restaurant clients and giving workshops on opening and operating restaurants.

Business Background:
I was employed by a major American trading company in various management positions throughout Europe and the Far East, becoming Vice-President for Asia.  After 20 years, I left that company to form my own trading company with local partners in Taiwan.  I returned to the United States after 25 years abroad to open a San Francisco office for this company and also to assist a Taiwan restaurant group to establish themselves here.  At the same time I completed my stock broker's qualification exam and was a part time broker primarily engaged in investments for Taiwanese clients. PAST ACTIVITIES: President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Taipei;  President of the American Club, Taiwan; Board Member, American Chamber of Commerce Philippines.  Testified before the U.S. Senate and House Joint EconomicCommittee on US and international trade matters.

Educational Background:
BS in Business Administration from U. C. Berkeley.   Completion of the Executive Program, Stanford Business School.

My main interest right now is keeping up with my six grandchildren, the oldest of which is off to Med School this year.  I continue to spend evermore time in the gym trying to ward off old age – still playing golf but tennis and skiing are things of the past.  Having counseled almost 3000 Score clients the past 15 years also allows me keep up with some of their projects and learn from their successes (and mistakes).