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Walt Lindquist

Walt Lindquist
 When And why did you become a SCORE Counselor?
I joined SCORE in May of 2003 to give service. A small business begins with a creative idea and passion and requires energy, a good plan, support and hard work to make it successful. The devil is in the details but doing the details without a vision/plan seldom works. Yes - ego, luck and support are necessary. The client has the answers; the counselor’s job is to ask the right questions. 

Business Background:
I worked as an engineer and project manager in energy research most of my career. Along the way I had the pleasure of serving on an International team in Germany and Japan. I retired the summer of 2000 to help form a Silicon Valley startup to develop an all-optical switch for the telecommunications industry. I served as President and led the recovery (human and business) to rebuild 40 town homes lost in the 1991 Oakland Fire. Defining the problem, arraying the necessary tools and resources and solving the problem is the scientific method and works for starting a business and writing a business plan.

Educational Background:
BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, management courses and various workshops and retreats. 

I’m an engineer, project manager, father, grandfather, sailor, woodworker, friend, volunteer, teacher, counselor, coach and seeker.  The mind, body, heart and spirit collectively define who we are. Giving service is a way to achieve happiness