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Bob Laiks

Bob Laiks
 When And why did you become a SCORE Counselor?
In 2004, I referred a client to SCORE when his partners didn't want to pay for a consultant. I was invited and decided to join since it seemed like a good idea, might be interesting and is a learning experience.

Business Background:
I spent many years selling large systems to run major phone networks, hardware/software/services/etc, for ATT Network Systems/Lucent. These were big ticket items with some very long sales cycles. I trail blazed some unique approaches, including virtual teams, and moved some Bell Labs R&D into the customer's operations. I took a management package shortly after the Lucent spin off. After that I was a founding team member for two high tech start ups (Ellipsys Technologies and Reversi Networks). There I had sales and business development responsibilities. I was involved in pitching venture capital firms and advising the board. Before and after the start ups, I did some private consulting.

Educational Background:
BBA, Marketing, from Pace University (NY;NY); MBA, Marketing, from San Francisco State University

I usually am optimistic and enjoy a creative environment at work. A sense of humor is important and valuing people is a requirement in business as well as personal life. These come in handy as a SCORE counselor. From a Myers-Briggs standpoint I'm an ENFP. I've practiced Aikido, a Japanese art, since 1974, and I've taught a class in Japantown (SF) for over 20 years. I also enjoy Yoga as a way to maintain enough flexibility to stay active.