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Karl Haug

Karl Haug
 When And why did you become a SCORE Counselor?
I joined SCORE in 1996 after a successful career in the Medical Equipment Industry. I came to this country in 1963 as an immigrant, starting out in New York City with $200 in my pocket. This country offered great opportunities and I feel that the work we do in SCORE is an ideal way to "give back". I have been a counselor for over 10 years, helping clients in face-to-face as well as web-based counseling, and find the experience most rewarding.

Business Background:
CFO of a full scope Medical Equipment Business Unit of a large multinational company. Prior work experience included an import operation in the US and an export operation of a large manufacturer in Germany.

Educational Background:
Education and Business Schooling/Training in Germany.

I have always had an interest in learning more about different cultures in other parts of the world and widening my horizons. Before coming to the US I spent some time in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France and Great Britain, practicing my French and English language skills along the way. My wife and I enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, and listening to classical music.