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Margot Dishner

Margo Dishner
 When And why did you become a SCORE Counselor?
I’ve been a SCORE counselor since September 2000.  I joined SCORE because I really enjoy business and particularly liked bringing junior people along when I was in the corporate world and seeing them succeed in their careers.  SCORE seemed like a great way to keep my own skills sharp and also have the pleasure of helping others.

Business Background:
I fell in love with advertising when I was in high school and worked in the advertising department of The Progressive Farmer magazine in my home town after school and in the summers.  After an education in that field from Northwestern University,  I got my dream job at a large advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York.  The firm moved offices and I then had the pleasure of riding the elevators in The Chrysler Building to my office every morning.  I worked with General Mills, Procter and Gamble, Hanes Hosiery, Chase Manhattan Bank, Hunt-Wesson.  Lots of fun. Great products, great clients.   I couldn’t begin to pick my favorite, although I really did enjoy my time on Chase Manhattan, because I just took a cab, instead of an airplane, to see my clients!

Educational Background:
Northwestern University, Bachelors and Masters degrees

I enjoy dancing, hiking, skiing and I’m a bit of a political junkie