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James Cogan

James Cogan
 When And why did you become a SCORE Counselor?
I joined SCORE in September 2010 after my semi-retirement. I had been planning to do volunteer work and I found that SCORE activities would allow me to support clients in a process that would utilize my energy, background and knowledge in a model for success.

Business Background:
After my Navy service I spent a number of years working as an engineer in the chemical industry at DuPont. Moved to engineering in Aerospace at MacDonald Douglas and then into management positions at defense firms. Became involved in electronics and spent the last thirty plus years in the telecommunication and industrial electronics fields in executive management positions. I have been a President, COO, VP and General Manager with full P&L responsibility for over 25 years at various electronic companies including a successful startup. My positions provided me with extensive development, operational, materials and quality experience. I have extensive contract experience in both domestic and international contract negotiations. Planning, metric management and personnel mentoring have provided me with career experience to provide guidance to clients.  

Educational Background:
BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, a MS in Management from George Washington University plus a number of financial, engineering, management and quality courses.

Besides my activities with SCORE I have a part time consulting business in Operational and Quality Excellence. Continuous travel to spend time with the grandchildren is a key past time. Also enjoy adventure travel, photography and walking tours with my wife, Kathy, in foreign and fun places.