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Laszlo Bonnyay

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 When And why did you become a SCORE Counselor?
I took early retirement to pass on my business experiences to people who would like to start a small business or need counseling and advice to run their existing one. 

Business Background: 
I started as a product engineer at Dorr-Oliver Inc in Stamford, Connecticut in 1967 and stayed with the same company for thirty years.  I moved into sales in the Chicago office in 1972, was promoted to sales manager in 1978 of the Emeryville, California office covering the eleven western states.  In 1982, I was promoted to Managing Director of our seven European companies and grew them from 35 to 120 million dollars in 10 years without increasing staff.  In 1987, the six senior managers, including myself, did a leveraged buy-out from our parent – British Petroleum.  After operating it for nine years, we sold the company in 1996 to a subsidiary of the Mannesmann Company in Germany. In 1996 I started a publishing company to publish photography books 

Educational Background: 
BSME and MBA – Studied in Hungary, Germany and USA 

I consider myself extremely lucky.  I escaped from the communist dictatorship in Hungary in 1956 at the age of seventeen by myself without a penny.  Lived and studied at first in Germany and later in the USA.  Thanks to the help and support of countless people in Germany and particularly in the United States I have been given many opportunities, most of which I have taken advantage of and had the privilege of leading a very interesting and most exciting life.