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Kathy Donovan

        Industry Experience
  • International Banking
  • Consumer Banking

       Areas Expertise

  • International Credit & Risk
  • Online payments
When And why did you become a SCORE Counselor?
I had been a volunteer with Women’s Initiative for many years, doing mentoring for women starting businesses, group facilitation and assessing the micro lending program.  When they closed their doors in the Spring of 2014, I began to search for something similar to do since I had found the experience so inspiring.  I found SCORE through Hank Weiner’s wife who encouraged me to get involved.

Business Background:
I was an international loan officer and credit risk administrator for Chase Manhattan Bank for the first 15 years of my career, living in New York and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I was a member of the Debt Committee responsible for restructuring the Brazilian government debt in the early80’s.  In 1987 I married and moved to the Bay Area where I joined Citibank and learned the consumer side of the banking business.  I worked in the mortgage and home equity businesses, as well as in small business lending, always in the credit and risk management areas but with various banks.  I also had an exciting two year stint as an early employee of PayPal, managing credit and fraud detection strategies.

Educational Background:
BS in Spanish from Georgetown University; MBA in International Finance from NYU Stern School of Business; 2-1/2 years in Peace Corps in the northeast of Brazil -- probably the best part of my education!

I find the cultural experiences of travel stimulating and educational. At last count my husband and I had visited 38 countries and plan to continue the odyssey! I have a very large and close family scattered throughout the States, mostly on the east coast, but I try to spend as much time as possible with each of them. At home I love to cook and entertain friends, and I read as much as possible. My goal for my retirement years is to remain fit, maintain my Portuguese fluency, nourish my cultural curiosity and pursue intellectual stimulation through interactions with new people, especially SCORE clients.